26/06/23 New paper alert! Danying Wang, Eleonora Marcantoni, Andrew Clouter, Kim Shapiro and Simon Hanslmayr Rhythmic sensory stimulation as a non-invasive tool to study plasticity mechanisms in human episodic memory** paper accepted in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences

26/06/23 Danying Wang has her paper Altering stimulus timing via fast rhythmic sensory stimulation induces STDP-like recall performance in human episodic memory paper accepted in Current Biology

14/06/23 Luca Kolibius has his paper Hippocampal neurons code individual memory episodes in humans paper accepted in Nature Human Behaviour

17/05/23 Mr. Luca Kolibius just became Dr. Luca Kolibius after passing his Viva without corrections for his thesis The hippocampus as an indexing machine of episodic memory. Congratulations, and a special thanks to his examiners Prof. Tim Behrens (Oxford) and Prof. Edwin Roberston (Glasgow). Next destination for Luca is the lab of Prof. Josh Jacobs at Columbia University in NYC.

15/02/23 Li Cheng just joined our team as a PhD student. She will be working on closed loop stimulation to improve memory using OPM-MEG, in a collaboration with Dr Robin Ince (Glasgow) and Prof. Matt Brookes (Nottingham). Exciting times ahead. Welcome Li!!!!

13/02/23 Danying Wang has her paper Interaction between theta-phase and spike-timing dependent plasticity simulates theta induced memory effects paper accepted in eNeuro

29/11/22 Frederic Roux has his “neural co-firing supports memory” paper accepted in eLife

17/06/22 Luca Kolibius wins second place at PGR symposium on Wednesday for his talk on how neurons code episodic memories. Well done Luca!

12/05/22 Sander van Bree has his Brain Time Toolbox paper accepted in Nature Human Behavior

11/03/22 Eleonora Marcantoni wins competitive PhD funding in MRC Doctoral Training programme on Precision Medicine to work with us on closed loop brain stimulation to improve memory. Congratulations Eleonora and welcome to the team!

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