Prof. Simon Hanslmayr, PI
Simon is a Professor at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging and School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow. He is the director of the Cognition and Oscillations Lab where he investigates the role of brain oscillations for human cognition, with a strong focus on memory and attention. Simon studied Psychology at the University of Salzburg where he obtained his PhD in 2005 under supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Klimesch. He held a postdoc position (2006-2010) at the University of Regensburg (supervisor Prof. K.H. Bäuml), before joining the Zukunftskolleg in 2010 at the University of Konstanz as an independent PI funded by an Emmy Noether programme grant from the DFG. In 2013 Simon moved to the UK where he joined the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham as a Senior Lecturer, and was promoted to Reader in 2016. In 2020 Simon joined the University of Glasgow as a full Professor.
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Qiaoyu Chen, PhD student
Qiaoyu (Chloe) is a PhD student in Simon’s lab funded by the China Scholarship Council. Currently, I am working in a project studying the role of spike-timing dependent plasticity in memory formation. My research interest lies in how brain oscillations underlie the process of memory formation and retrieval. Specifically, I am most interested in two questions: 1) Does phase synchronization between distant brain regions support episodic memory? 2) How does oscillatory synchronization and desynchronization support episodic memory.
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Eleonora Marcantoni, PhD student
Eleonora is a PhD student in Simon’s lab funded by the MRC DTP in Precision Medicine joint between the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh and under the supervision of Prof. Simon Hanslmayr, Prof. Satu Palva and Dr Jian Gan. The PhD project focuses on using brain-informed high-precision stimulation protocols to improve memory.
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Lab Alumni (in chronological order)
Dr. Luca Kolibius
Dr. Danying Wang
Dr. George Parish
Dr. Maria Melcon
Dr. Mircea van der Plas
Dr. Benjamin J. Griffiths
Prof. Federica Meconi
Dr. Frédéric Roux
Dr. Verena Braun
Dr. Sebastian Michelmann
Dr. Andrew Clouter
Dr. Rodika Sokoliuk
Dr. Marie-Christin Fellner
Prof. Dr. Tobias Staudigl
Dr. Gerd Waldhauser